After my niece's party recently, her mum, my sister in law, was so impressed by the social skills of my daughter at seven, compared to her daughter at seven she just could not believe it! She was not just the leader in many of the games they played but was able to explain how to play them so clearly to all at the party. My niece will now be joining Happy Days in September!

Janet Maher
Date: Jul 15, 2010

I never considerd myself a dancer but I loved the routines we learned in the contemporary dance workshop. It was so creative and looked fab in the performance. Can't wait for the dance classes to start in September!

Sarah Shannon
Date: Aug 02, 2010

My son loves to be on the go all day. He was so happy with the dance he performed as part of "Oliver", no party is now complete without all of singing "Consider Yourself" (one of the family), while he goes through his paces. Always puts a smile on all our faces!

Emer McCauley
Date: Jul 17, 2010

I never had dancing lessons before but I loved moving as part of a group and all of us dancing as one. It was so great to be part of something that is bigger than yourself and feeling you are an essential part of a team.

Meave T. Age 14
Date: Jun 28, 2010