My daughter did her first Speech and Drama exam this year. It was such a positve experince for her and when she got her certificate and medal that was the icing on the cake.

Elaine Brook
Date: Jun 19, 2010

I asked my son as I drove him to his Speech and Drama examination how he felt. He said he could not wait to get there to share with the lady all he knew. What a great attitude to have at such a young age! It shows the positive atmosphere that Happy Days teachers instill in their Speech and Drama classes.

Carol M.
Date: Jul 24, 2010

I like the focus in Happy Days. There is no pressure but if you wish your child to take exams in Speech and Drama you can really see the results, so to speak! 

Fiona H.
Date: Jul 16, 2010

Speech and Drama has really brought me out of my shell. It made me confident and outgoing. I've made great friends from drama that I will
have for a very long time. Being in Speech and Drama has helped me discover talents I never knew I had and developed them. When I first
started I was clinging to my Mam's leg, now there is nothing I enjoy more on a Saturday morning than Speech and Drama.

Rebecca O'Connor,
Date: Jul 29, 2010