Dance will incorporate styles such as musical theatre, modern, ballet-jazz, street jazz, and contemporary and more. We have a wide range of styles of dance.

This is all delivered in a supportive, lively, and fun filled class. Our emphases is in developing an awareness of movement and confidence in ones self.

Our dance classes aim to improve a child's motor skills, rhythm, musicality, step retention and hand and eye co-ordination. Dance improves social skills, confidence and performance standard.

Our classes help to build up fitness levels. Our safe dance practice is a fantastic way to keep fit, stay in shape and improve flexibility, breathing and circulation.

In a classroom environment dance can improve concentration skills and memory. The improvisational dance and freestyle dances are a great way for the


to develop their creative skills and talents.

Classes are based on the students’ enjoyment. They aim to get students enthusiastic about dance which will benefit their performance in dance and in dr

ama and singing.

All Students must wear suitable clothing to ensure ease of movement and safety: lose tracksuit bottoms / leggings and dance shoes / pumps / runners.

Congratulations to all the Happy Days Students who performed in the

"Noise Moves!"

Festival in the Civic Theatre! Congratulations,
it was a wonderful success!

To have a peek at the 2011 "Noise Moves" compendium video on Youtube click here!