Speech and drama classes

Speech and Drama


We believe what makes Happy Days School of Performing Arts unique is our emphasis on the development of the whole student through all our classes. Our Speech and Drama classes are our foundation stone, our core! They develop Confidence, Communication skills and Creativity. They give our students a lifelong confident edge!

Our Speech and Drama classes are filled with games, improvisations, movement and mime, voice exploration, speech work, poetry, puppetry, dress up, play discovery, theatre craft and so much more!

We explore the voice! Encouraging Students to express themselves in a clear, articulate and confident manner. They develop social skills that will stand to them in later life in all social situations!>

We develop children’s’ performance skills in a non-competitive environment. Everyone is encouraged to do THEIR very best, and be an important member of the team! We realise that one of the most essential aspects of our classes is for every student to feel valued.

We teach through the medium of FUN in a safe encouraging atmosphere. Every class is fresh and new with students discovering talents and abilities and others overcoming shyness or a lack of confidence.

Our students say “Happy Days classes are a great way to meet new friends!” They are full of students with the same wonderful imagination and interests.

As the students develop, we also explore script work, acting for TV and Film, audition technique, interview skills, public speaking and lots lots more!

The Speech and Drama classes our students take today give them a competitive edge in the jobs market tomorrow!